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bed pillow covers 12 Handmade Christmas Gifts For The Family funny cushion covers

customized gift for mom
customized gift for mom
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bed pillow covers
bed pillow covers 12 Handmade Christmas Gifts For The Family funny cushion covers
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In a world of Smartphones, iPads, Kindles and digital streaming it is becoming more difficult than ever to actually give our loved ones a physical gift. So this Christmas, why not go back to basics? Rather than dish out a few itunes or kindle vouchersbed pillow covers, explore the world of handmade gifts. If you put a bit of thought into it and get creative you will get your loved ones a gift they will remember for years to come and a gift that will make them feel really loved. So here are 12 handmade Christmas gift ideas for kids, for family and for the special person that you love more than anything.

1) The?Minion Hooded Towel - With the new Minions film just around the corner, kids will love this clever hooded towel modification.

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Tutorial available at Crazy Little Projects

2) Handmade Stick Horse - A great handmade gift for your young princess or adventurous boy, and so easy to make too.

Tutorial available at Light Blue Grey.

3) Hand Sewn Sock Monkeys - For a handmade gift these look store bought and each one has so much personality.

Tutorial available at Craft Passion.

4) Handmade Felt Monsters - Monsters for your monsters, these will make great stocking fillers for your kids.

Tutorial available at It's Always Autumn

Handmade Gifts For The Family

?5) Picture Frame Wreath - Reminding your family of all the happy memories with this wreath is such a special gift at Christmas.

Tutorial available at Infarrantly Creative

6) Homemade Map Coasters - A great idea for highlighting special places that mean something special to you and your family.

Tutorial available at Almost Never Clever

7)?Picture Frame Luminaries - A great idea for creating a cosy family atmosphere in your home, such a sweet idea and a great effect too.

Tutorial available at That's What Che Said

8) Personalised Pillow Cases - Personalised with "Papa" or "Granddad" this is such a sweet gift idea to give to the grandparents.

Tutorial available at Mama Papa Bubba

?9) 100 Reasons I Love You - Remind your loved one of all the unique things you love and adore about her.

Source DIY Masters

10) DIY Custom Key - Giving your partner a key to your house is a big step, so make the most of it with this customised key.

Tutorial available at Trend Hunter

11) A Romantic Mixed CD - Mixed tapes were all the rage in the 80s but nowadays a CD can be just as good, and is a great personalised gift for the one you love.

Source?Trend Hunter

12) Hidden Novel Proposal Box - Wrapping a small square box can be a little revealing, so why not conceal a ring a little better using this romantic proposal box.

Tutorial available at?Trend Hunter

Hi everyone,

Finger paints and pint-size musical instruments might be the first things that come to mind when you’re thinking of creative toys (and they’re certainly great options). But there is a much wider range of toys that inspire creative thought in children, including building blocks, magnetic doodads, and other more whimsical playthings. “Being creative is not just about being artistic,” King explains. According to child psychologist Dr. George Sachs, “Any toy that allows the child to use their imagination and gives them structure, but not necessarily rules or instructions, is helpful to fostering a child’s creativity.” Below, our panel of child psychologists and development experts recommend the best multiuse, open-ended toys to spark kids’ imaginations.

This pencil holder is based on lyra sized pencils (much fatter than regular sized colour pencils). However you could easily adjust the size and use the same technique for regular pencils or even other stationary like pens, textas, paintbrushes ect. The colours I used are specifically matching the waldorf pack of 12 Lyra Ferby pencils. I have just bought some cheap "jumbo pencils" for illustration puposes.?