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bed pillow covers 30 Polka Dot Inspired Crafts customized baby gifts

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customized gift for mom
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bed pillow covers
bed pillow covers 30 Polka Dot Inspired Crafts customized baby gifts
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I hope that everyone enjoyed Project Polka Dot in March! Here are 30 Polka Dot Crafts to get your creative juices flowing!

?I loved seeing all of the polka dot crafts. I was planning a round up post then decided just go ahead and include a few more craft tutorials for you! ?Here are some of my favorite polka dot inspired crafts from around the web.

burlap throw pillow covers

1. ?Polka Dot Zip Pouch?

2. Polka Dot Gift Bags by Pleated Poppy

3. Dotted Chambray by Oliver S

4. Craft Room Baskets by Amy Giggles Design

5. Polka Dot Dress UPcycle by Me Sew Crazy

6. Polka Dot Christmas Jammies by Girl Inspired

7. DIY Polka Dot Rug by A Beautiful Mess

8. Polka Dot Burp Cloths by Polka Dot Chair

9. Polka Dot Bottles by Ruffled

10. Polka Dot Bedroom wall by UCreate

11. Polka Dot Headboard by Women’;s Day

13. Confetti Party Backdrop by A Bubbly Life

14. Polka Dot Blouse sewing pattern by Simple Simon &; Co

15. Polka Dot Easter Cookies by Bee in Our Bonnet

16. ?Quilted Appliqué Polka Dots by Diary of a Quilter

17. ?Polka Dot Graffiti Skirt by Girl Inspired

18. Polka Dot Top by Mama Says Sew

19. Polka Dot Tea Cup by Micheala Design

20. Polka Dot Witches Hat by Craftaholics Anonymous?

21. Sparkly Polka Dot Sneakers

22. Polka Dot Coasters by the Cottage Home

23. Polka Dot Clipboard Sign by eighteen25

24. Polka Dot Fashion Inspiration by Lulubelles

25. Polka Dot Easter Pail by Lil Luna

26. Polka Dot Gift Wrap by 30 Days Blog

27. Dot Party Quilt Pattern by Jaybird Quilts

28. Dottie Quilt Pattern by Quilt Story

29. Polka Dot Cork Letters by Kojo Design

30. Polka Dot Birthday Cake by Once Upon A Pedestal?

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