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bed pillow covers 30 of My Favorite Bag Sewing Patterns (most of them are free) customized gifts for mom

customized gift for mom
customized gift for mom
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bed pillow covers
bed pillow covers 30 of My Favorite Bag Sewing Patterns (most of them are free) customized gifts for mom
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Today I’;ve rounded up more than 30 of my favorite bag sewing patterns. Most of them are free patterns. I have also included a section of bag patterns that you can buy.

If you’;ve been a long time reader then you know that I love to make bags! I still remember the first bag I ever made. My twins were babies (so it was years ago). I remember struggling through those first steps to put the bag together. That overwhelming feeling that someone who is learning to sew sometimes gets.

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Then all of the sudden a light bulb “;clicked”; on and I understood how to put the bag together. After that it was all downhill from there.

If you’;ve not ever made a bag before, I encourage you to give it a try! They are fun to make and are perfect as handmade gifts.

We have well over 1200 projects and tutorials on our site. Here are a few of our most popular bag patterns and tutorials.

If you're looking for somehwere to startbed pillow covers, this free tutorial is a great place. This simple tote bag features a strudy canvas bottom making it perfect for church or school.

This fun tote is made using stitchable straw. A bit of bling is added to the front with some hand beading. It's a bit more work but the result is totally worth it!

If you need a GIANT bag to tote with you to the beach or pool, then you may love this oversized beach bag pattern. It's large enough to hold 2-3 beach towels PLUS all your other necessities.

Do you have some quilt blocks laying around that you don't know what to do with? Why not stitch them up into a fun tote bag. This version is made using some left over Halloween quilt blocks but you could easily swap it out for any season or quilt block.

My kids love these simple drawstring backpacks. We usually make a new one for them each summer and they use them up and wear them out.

When we were kids we always used to lose our library books. When mine were younger I they had a "library" bag that they used JUST for thier books. It helped them to keep track of they borrowed each week.

Tired of dirty laundry getting lost in your suitcase? Stitch up a special travel laundry bag to keep it seperate from your other (clean) clothing.

Many tote bag patterns feature straps sewn from farbric. If you'd like to add leather handles instead this tutorial will walk you through it step by step.

This cute makeup bag features a vinyl wipe off lining! Perfect for quick cleanup.

This tote bag was featured in a series of tutorials that I did for Fat Quarter Shops YouTube channel.

This little bag is so fun to stitch up. Included are directions to make the bag with your Cricut Maker or without.

There are so many fabulous sewing blogs out there right now. I can't type up this list without mentioning a few free bag patterns featured on some of my favorite sewing blogs.

This tote bag pattern is sturdy and simple to make thanks to the use of stitchable foam. Grab the tutorial over at Sew Can She.

The perfect scrap buster! You can stitch up this bag in an afternoon.

Kids love it when they have their own bags! This one is just the right size for them to carry some of their favorite essentials.

Pefect for sleepovers!

Grapic and simple this patchwork bag pattern is stunning!

Rachel created this duffle bag for her kids to use for ballet class. It's made from laminate fabric which makes it super easy to clean.

Easy enough to stich up that you can make a few, just in case you need to keep an extra in your car.

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