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bed pillow covers Autumn sleeping update – introducing Lewiston accent pillow case baby

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bed pillow covers Autumn sleeping update – introducing Lewiston accent pillow case baby
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Our Lewiston design is comfortable and familiar, like your favourite shirt. Crafted from 100% cotton, ultra-fine corduroy, Lewiston adds warmth and texture to a bedroom. We speak to Head Designer Mark Travers, on the concept and details behind the design.

What drew you towards creating an ultra-fine corduroy design for this season?

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While travelling internationally, doing research for the AW18 season I started to ‘see’ in fashionbed pillow covers, multiple designs using corduroy. From jackets, pants, skirts and dresses, this fabric seemed to appear in almost every type of store and collection. It didn’t take much to realise that corduroy was having a big revival in the fashion stores and like before with our chambray, linen and even denim inspirations, fashion always plays a big part.

This revival said to me that customers were investing in this fabric, were familiar and comfortable with it and the next step surely would be that it should turn up in homewares.

Another big influence for me was the cut pile finish, which speaks to the huge velvet trend we were already seeing. The next big plus is that this fabric is 100% cotton – something which I prefer and know that our customers understand and love. As for the ultra-fine wale detail…this was always paramount.

I did not want this design to be chunky or heavy. It had to be soft and have some drape. A fine baby cord was always at the forefront in my imagination when I was developing this design.

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What are the benefits of corduroy bedding?

I think there are two main benefits. The immediate benefit is that corduroy is warm for our winter, not just in the hand feel but also on a visual level.The other great benefit is that it is 100% cotton. Which means it can wash and dry easily…. which I feel is so important. It has to be “no fuss care” to earn its place in our collection and in our customer’s lives.

Corduroy looks warm, and the pile lends itself to a glorious shading effect when it’s brushed in different directions. Over time the fabric gets softer and develops a great washed look. It grows into a classic!

Lewiston bed linen, Abbotson bed linen, Sanders throw

How would you recommend styling the rest of the bed to complement our Lewiston design?

There are lots of various ways to style with this design. You can start with linen sheets and contrast the crisp dry feel of them against the soft-brushed texture of the corduroy. Or you can “amp” up the cuddle factor and pair this fabric with our flannelette sheeting. No guarantee that you will ever get up, especially on a cold winter morning.

As for decorative ideas…choose a big chunky knit throw and some soft long fur cushions. Really, the choices are endless.


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