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bed pillow covers Friday Faux Pas- Kitchen Colour Clash funny cushion covers

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bed pillow covers Friday Faux Pas- Kitchen Colour Clash funny cushion covers
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Another week has passed and its time to delve into the world of interior design, to see the poor choices people make, and this is the colourful delight that we have for you today: OK.so there’s nothing wrong with primaries and there’s nothing wrong with block colour.but ouch!.this is painful to look at! I actually don’t have too much problem with the walls of block colour, or the fact that they are very strongly contrasted colours with no apparent link – colour is good, but not against antique pine please!

In all fairness this kitchen may have started out its life as light to medium oak or walnut, but its seasoned patina has given it the yellow-ish orange tinge of antique pine; and it?doesn't?work against bright yellow, orange or blue- at all! (Although that said the blue would probably be the most inoffensive in my opinion).

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The kitchen itself has bags of potential. It’s a good sizebed pillow covers, the apex line of the ceiling gives it height and there is a good light source, but the mix of bold/contemporary provided by the brave and vibrant choice of colours, does not work well with the traditional style or colour of the units. As a quick fix to ‘save’ this DIY disaster the units could be painted in white, pale stoney grey or possibly even black and the worktops changed.

The beige floor is neutral but boring and does little or nothing to add any value to the colour scheme. It could be changed or again, for a quick DIY rescue could be masked with some colourful contemporary rugs which would tie-in the colour combo, depending on how practical this was for the usage of and floor traffic through the kitchen. However, I’d enjoy the challenge, if tasked with it, of keeping the coloured walls and designing a new kitchen to complement the space and colours.

The end result could actually be a stunning and vibrant kitchen with a very modern feel. I think I would go for brilliant white units, black worktops and a white floor to keep the look open, bright and spacious and then I would build on co-ordinating the colours with accessories such as storage jars, toaster, coffee maker etc., in contemporary bright colours and a fresh cotton print, with a white background, for a simple but stylish?Roman?blind at the window to finally pull the look together. The moral of the story here is, work with what you’ve got and don’t try and make it something that it?isn't? Many of us get tired of stayed or dated looks in our homes and set out to change or improve them, but often within the limitations of budget and practicality.

You can’t make a traditional kitchen modern just by changing the paint colours, so if a complete over hall or re-fit?isn't?an option, then by all means re-decorate to freshen and change the existing look, but do it in a way that empathises with what you already have.

You won’t end up with an ultra modern kitchen I know, but you’ll end up with a much more successful and professional result. Remove as much clutter as possible to streamline and simplify the look, paint the units where possible as this will make the most dramatic change (but remember to be mindful of its style), add some colour with a bright and cheerful fabric and by all means brighten the colour scheme by changing the wall colour, but be thoughtful with your choice of shades so that you don’t end up with unfortunate style and colour clashes – like the above!

That's it for another week, I wonder what the next 7 days will bring and what we can find for next week's Friday Faux Pas. If you have a particular image that you'd like to see used on the Friday Faux Pas, then please get in touch via our Facebook page

With Spring here, it’s time for some spring cleaning! I’ve been itching to get my garage organized for over a year! Cleaning your garage may not seem like something you’re looking forward too, but like any area of your home, it feels SO nice when it’s done! ?I’m actually going to share my not so flattering photos of my very messy garage…….because life gets messy. (Unless you’re my inlaws, they have the perfectly organized everything…….drat!)

This colder weather we’ve been having is totally sticking around.? The sun has been really bright and shiny, so I keep thinking we’re going to have warmer days…..but the temp is staying cool.? SO, I finally admitted that my children needed warmer clothing.?

While the classic color combination of black and white—a tried and true formula—never really goes out of style, the daring duo is de rigueur these days. Decorating in black and white in any setting, from living room to dining room to bedroom or even a staircase, makes a deliciously bold statement that is always sophisticated and never, ever dull. If you find yourself drawn to this high-impact look, try some of our tips below.