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bed pillow covers How to Make Bias Tape customized gifts for mom

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bed pillow covers How to Make Bias Tape customized gifts for mom
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It’;s been a while since we have talked about one of our favorite sewing room supplies, Bias Tape! Bias tape is great for two things: stabilizing curves and finishing edges. While you can pick up a pack at the store in a variety of colors, it’;s so much cuter to make your own with pretty fabric.There are a ton of projects using bias tape on Prudent Baby so here is a refresher course on making your own. It seems a little complicatedbed pillow covers, but do it once and you’;ll be hooked.Recognize these spools from my latest Antiquing Adventure Video? They are perfect to store my new bias tape on my pegboard wall.

Read on for the Bias Tape Tutorial and a few of our bias tape making secret weapons.

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Click on over to How to Make Single Fold Bias Tape and Double Fold Bias Tape (and the secrets for doing each step faster than you thought possible)

And be sure to watch the video for our favorite bias tape making tool. It’;s the Simplicity Bias Tape Machine and it does the work for you (it’;s only? $48.50 on Amazon right now –; pays for itself after just a few projects/quilts). You can get a bunch of different tips for it to make any size bias tape you want.

For a video of the machine in action visit us on You Tube: Bias Tape Maker Video What What!

If you use bias tape it’ll pay for itself after like two quilts or some?tops, or art smocks, or baby dresses, or mommy dresses, or oven mitts, or swaddle blankets, or whatever you can dream up. Go to our search box on the top right and search “;bias tape”; for about 50 million project ideas!

We can’;t wait to see the bias tape that you make!

With Spring here, it’s time for some spring cleaning! I’ve been itching to get my garage organized for over a year! Cleaning your garage may not seem like something you’re looking forward too, but like any area of your home, it feels SO nice when it’s done! ?I’m actually going to share my not so flattering photos of my very messy garage…….because life gets messy. (Unless you’re my inlaws, they have the perfectly organized everything…….drat!)

This colder weather we’ve been having is totally sticking around.? The sun has been really bright and shiny, so I keep thinking we’re going to have warmer days…..but the temp is staying cool.? SO, I finally admitted that my children needed warmer clothing.?

While the classic color combination of black and white—a tried and true formula—never really goes out of style, the daring duo is de rigueur these days. Decorating in black and white in any setting, from living room to dining room to bedroom or even a staircase, makes a deliciously bold statement that is always sophisticated and never, ever dull. If you find yourself drawn to this high-impact look, try some of our tips below.