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bed pillow covers Interior Design Inspired by a Cocktail of Colours 1- Bloody Mary funny cushion covers

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bed pillow covers Interior Design Inspired by a Cocktail of Colours 1- Bloody Mary funny cushion covers
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This weeks posts are going to be inspired by cocktails! Have you had a cocktail and thought 'I'd love that colour in my living room, bedroom etc.? Well, if you have then you'll love our light hearted approach to using the colours of cocktails to inspire colour combinations and interior design styles.

Let's start with a Bloody Mary – a mix of tomato juicebed pillow covers, vodka, Worcester sauce and hot pepper sauce finished with a stick of celery. As vodka is the alcohol part we can also include Russian styles of interior design. This is the ideal cocktail for brunch and can be as spicy as you wish! Of course the main colour is red from the tomato juice making it the ideal colour for kitchens and dining rooms, particularly as red is recognised as the colour to help stimulate appetite and tomato and celery colour combinations are bright and refreshing. This bright, bold and cheerful colour is not for the faint hearted, however combine with cream window blinds and cheap rugs in cream or red you can turn a dull dining room into a place which stimulates the mind as well as the appetite, encourages and promotes stimulating conversation. In brief:

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Wooden floor are bang on-trend and can be coordinated with wooden blinds if you don't have particularly large windows.

Paint or use red wallpaper on a feature walls or if you have a large dining room you'll be able to get away with painting all four walls in the same shade of red. If you have a high ceiling bring it down a little by also painting it red. This will help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Depending on the size and shape of your windows you can use blinds, curtains or a combination of both. Make sure that you don't make the room to dark by opting for pale cream or white.

Choose them to suit the style of your home. No over cluttering – that will only make the room appear cramped and confusing, no good whatsoever if you have a hang-over! Remember the celery stick garnish in a Bloody Mary and use this greeny-white as an accent if the room is lacking any punch! Fresh flowers on the table will add a homely welcome for family and friends. Use mirrors to reflect light into the room by placing on the wall opposite the window.

With Spring here, it’s time for some spring cleaning! I’ve been itching to get my garage organized for over a year! Cleaning your garage may not seem like something you’re looking forward too, but like any area of your home, it feels SO nice when it’s done! ?I’m actually going to share my not so flattering photos of my very messy garage…….because life gets messy. (Unless you’re my inlaws, they have the perfectly organized everything…….drat!)

This colder weather we’ve been having is totally sticking around.? The sun has been really bright and shiny, so I keep thinking we’re going to have warmer days…..but the temp is staying cool.? SO, I finally admitted that my children needed warmer clothing.?

While the classic color combination of black and white—a tried and true formula—never really goes out of style, the daring duo is de rigueur these days. Decorating in black and white in any setting, from living room to dining room to bedroom or even a staircase, makes a deliciously bold statement that is always sophisticated and never, ever dull. If you find yourself drawn to this high-impact look, try some of our tips below.