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bed pillow covers Interior Design Inspired by a Cocktail of Colours 2- Blue Hawaii funny cushion covers

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bed pillow covers Interior Design Inspired by a Cocktail of Colours 2- Blue Hawaii funny cushion covers
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Today's tipple is the fabulous Blue Hawaii – a cocktail made with vodka, blue curacao, coconut rumbed pillow covers, pineapple juice and lime juice, garnished with a lemon twist. This pretty cocktail is reminiscent of the Hawaiian Islands and a tropical paradise making it an ideal bedroom interior design style to take inspiration from.

Sky blues and oceanic greens offer a laid back and relaxing colour combination for bedrooms. Teamed with golden sands and tropical date palms this fun bedroom design is aimed those who want the next best thing of not actually being on a tropical island! A great way to relax and unwind at the end of a long and stressful day. In brief:

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Pale tiled flooring is ideal for this style of design, cheap rugs can be added to provide to either side of the bed for warmth on your feet first thing in the morning. If you have white or light coloured flooring blue or green coloured rugs would be ideal, alternatively rush or sisal mats will add a fun element to the room.

If you want the whole tropical island look than wall scenes are the best option. With the age of digital technology entire walls can become murals of any scene you like. If this is a bit over the top for your taste then stick to the oceanic colours to create a bright and warm room.

Wooden blinds, wood-weave or bamboo blinds will coordinate beautifully with the Robinson Crusoe cast away on a paradise island look. You can use these as the sole window dressing or team them up with blackout curtains using your oceanic accent colours if you are troubled by unwanted light pollution.

Wicker chairs, and objects which are associated with a tropical paradise such as Hawaiian garlands and of course a faux or real Blue Hawaii cocktail placed on the bedside table. If you've travelled to Hawaii then you're know the types of objects which can be used to coordinate with this design idea. Halved coconut shells can be used to hold jewellery and cosmetics. This bedroom should be fun and exciting, along with letting you dream of paradise islands, blue skies and white sands. Bedside table lamps with foliage patterned shades or a central spotlight can be pointed towards the sun or sky to illuminate your wall mural!

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