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bed pillow covers Lined Drawstring Bag Sewing Pattern & Free Cricut Cut Files customized gifts for mom

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customized gift for mom
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bed pillow covers Lined Drawstring Bag Sewing Pattern & Free Cricut Cut Files customized gifts for mom
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This lined drawstring bag sewing pattern &; tutorial?includes measurements to make the bags in 6 different sizes, one for each of your “;travel necessities”;. Plus the bags are all REVERSIBLE! You can even personalize them a bit with some fun sayings.

Every time I take a trip, whether it’;s a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, I’;m always scrambling for bags to hold all of my stuff. So for selfish reasons, I decided to create a bunch of drawstring bags to take with me when I travel.

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I’;ve included a bunch of free Cricut cut files that are perfect compliments to your travel bags! Keep reading to find out more. This is sponsored content, and this contains affiliate links. I work as a Brand Ambassador for Cricut, I am thrilled to work with a company whose products I love to use.

Last weekend my husband and I were able to steal away to Chicago for a little weekend getaway, sans kids. We try to go each year in December.

My husband attends a conferencebed pillow covers, and I tag along and hit the shops (and sometimes the museums) and eat as much pizza as I can fit in my stomach. Before we left, as I was packing for the weekend, I had to laugh a bit at myself.

I was packing and stuffing charging cords in zip loc bags, and my flat iron in an old hotel laundry sack. I looked at myself and thought “;surely I can do better than this”;.

I’;m actually surprised, that with as much as I sew that I haven’;t sat down and stitched a bunch of travel bags for myself earlier. You should see what a state my previous laundry bag was in. We got it for free at a hotel, and it was not nice when I got it several years ago.

Many times I actually forget to take the bag altogether and end up using the plastic bag in the hotel closet (which I’;m guessing you’;re not supposed to do unless you are having your laundry done a the hotel).

When we got home I sat down and “;brainstormed”; a bunch of ideas for bags to take with me when I travel. Since Christmas is right around the corner I thought you guys might enjoy a tutorial to make these drawstring bags. They’;d be fabulous gifts!

I ended up making 5 bags in varying sizes. Each of the bags has a “;purpose”; so I thought I’;d label them accordingly.? I ended up making bags labeled:

I used my Cricut Maker to cut out the iron ons for the bags. I had so much fun personalizing each one. I’;ve included FREE Cricut cut files for you to make your own bags. I even added a few more “;sayings”; to the? cut file download (Hair, Body, Face)

I also think these would be ADORABLE personalized with a name or a monogram. How cute would they be stitched up in bright colors to hold Legos or Matchbox Cars?

The bags are gusseted, meaning they have a bottom that is flat and can “;poof out”; and hold lots of stuff! They are in varying sizes from 19″; x 22″; down to 5 ”; x 7″;.

One of my favorite things about the bags, which I didn’;t even realize until I made them, is that they are reversible.? So when you get tired of one print, you can just turn it inside out and have a new look.

I was also thinking while I was making them that they would be great to make out of laminate fabric since it’;s so easy to wipe clean. If you decide to do that make sure you read my “;How to sew with Laminate Fabrics”; post before you start.

Okay, are you ready to start?

Fabric for Bag Outside:

1/4 –; 1/2 yard per bag (depending on size, see chart below)

Fabric for Bag Lining:

1/4 –; 1/2? yard per bag

2 1/2 yards 1/2″; –; 3/4″; ribbon

Cricut Machine (I use the Maker –; you can also use the Explore Machines)

Cricut Iron-On Vinyl —; I used:

Cricut EasyPress

Basic Sewing Tools

Cricut Iron-On Cut Files –; Download for FREE on the Cricut Downloads page


Seam Gauge

Cricut Essential Tools Set (makes it easier to weed the iron on after you cut it out)

Fabrics used are Wonderland Two, Safari Party &; Bee Basics

FYI: Bag finished?dimensions are 1″; less than the bag pieces in width and the same height as the bag piece, including the bottom gusset.?

Using the cutting guide above as a guide, cut out the pattern pieces for your bag. You will cut 2 pieces for the outside of the bag and 2 pieces for the bag lining from the measurement in the “;Bag PIeces”; column.

Cut 2 casing pieces from the measurement in the “;Casing Pieces”; column.

After you have cut out your pieces, you need to cut a square out of the bottom corners of the bag outside and bag lining pieces, refer to the illustration below if needed:

Instructions are the same for ANY size bag. All seam allowances are 1/2″;

Begin by pressing the short ends of one of your bag casing pieces in 1/2″; on each edge. I recommend using a seam gauge for this step.

Next, fold the piece in half lengthwise and press. Repeat for other bag?casing piece.

Pin the bag casing to the bag outside piece along the top edge. The raw edges will be flush and the casing should be centered in the bag outside piece. Stitch in place.

Place the bag outside pieces together, right sides facing. Stitch along the two sides and the bottom of the bag. Do not stitch inside the square you cut out on the bottom of the bag. Press seams open. As you stitch the side seams take care that you do not catch the casing pieces in the side seams.

Pinch the bottom corner of the bag so that the side and bottom seams are on top of each other and the raw edges of the cut out square are even. Stitch in place. Repeat for other bag corner.

Repeat for the bag lining pieces (you do not attach a casing to those pieces)

Turn the bag outside piece right side out. Slip it into the bag lining piece, right sides facing. Match side seams and centers.

Stitch around the perimeter of the bag, leaving a 4″; opening in one side.

Turn the bag right side out through the opening.

Press well. Topstitch around?the top of the bag (on the bag, not the casing) making sure to catch the opening in the bag as you sew.

Cut two pieces of ribbon that are twice as wide as the bag plus 6-8″;.

Feed one piece through the casing of the bag and knot on the other side. Feed the other ribbon through the bag starting on the opposite?side of the bag. Knot the ends.

Now for the fun part, personalizing the bags with fun sayings!

You need to decide what size you want your iron on to be. Measure your bag, taking into account that it’;s a big smaller when the drawstring is pulled.

Download the cut file (link above in supplies) and import it into the Cricut Design Space.

Click “;ATTACH”; to make all of the letters cut out at the same time.

Size to the correct size.? ?Then click MAKE IT and follow the prompts on the screen. You will need the fine point blade and a standard cutting mat.

When you have your image cut out, peel away the extra vinyl (referred to as weeding). Place the iron on in the location that you’;d like on your bag.

Move your project to a flat surface that is not heat sensitive. Place a folded towel down on the surface then place your bag on top of the towel.

To read more about the EasyPress click HERE

Turn on the EasyPress, set the temperate and timer to the settings recommended on the machine based on your type of Iron-On Vinyl.

When preheated, place the EasyPress on top of your image. Press the Cricut button. When it beeps, move it to another spot of your iron on. Repeat until you have set all parts of the iron on.

(image from some Halloween shirts we made in October)

Carefully remove the plastic covering from the iron on.

That’;s it! You’;re done!!

Now go make a bunch of them to give as gifts this Holiday season!!

Cricut is running some FANTASTIC specials on bundles for both the Maker Machine AND the Easy Press.

Just click on over to Cricut to check it out (buy yourself a Christmas present, so you can make a bunch of presents for everyone else *wink* *wink*

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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