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bed pillow covers Summer Fun- Babylon Flip Flop Pillows customized rustic pillow covers

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bed pillow covers
bed pillow covers Summer Fun- Babylon Flip Flop Pillows customized rustic pillow covers
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You can't welcome the arrival of spring and summer weather without flip flops! Bring the fun inside with one of these super cute flip flop pillows from our friend, Donna Babylon. Ya know, I just gotta say... back in the daybed pillow covers, we called this particular type of footwear: 'thongs.' I can't tell you the gales of laughter this brings from my kids when I accidentally slip and still call them this. It's similar to the reaction I get talking about records and/or rotary dial phones. Read on to learn Donna's secrets for a smooth, full and fabulous pillow.

When people see Donna's flip flop pillow, they always ask her, 'What kind of pillow form is inside?!' They're surprised to discover it's just plain ol' fiberfill... it looks so smooth and full. Donna shared her secrets for creating a pleasingly plump and pretty pillow.

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You can order Donna's Fancy Flip Flop pillow pattern from her More Splash Than Cash website.

Sitting pretty. That's what you'll be when you complete this lovely vanity chair pad. We took a simple center-tufted cushion design, then added deep double ruffles and long beautiful bows to attach the pad to the back of the chair. You'll also want to check out our "keep-it-from-slipping-and-ripping-out-the-ties" trick at the end of the article. ?

So many of you proudly share your first embroideries with me, I thought I would show you my first embroidery. Most people seem know that my work in embroidery began with a portrait of my mother (yes, her name is LeJean), and ask me about this piece -so here it is. It was stitched in the summer of 2000, while I was staying with her. With nothing to do one evening, I asked her to teach me to embroider. It was something I had wanted to try for a long time, because I loved the way that it looked and wanted to begin using it for my artwork to experiment with unusual themes and large portraits. I'd never seen embroidery like that before. But, I didn't know how to do it, and I didn't think I would enjoy it. Ah, the importance of trying new things. A true obsession ensued, aided by a deep need for a soothing activity at a time of great stress. I wanted to get others excited about embroidery too, for the same reason I was! The result is this website you now are perusing.