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bed pillow covers Tips to Spruce-Up your Home to Perfection for Diwali floral cushion covers

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bed pillow covers
bed pillow covers Tips to Spruce-Up your Home to Perfection for Diwali floral cushion covers
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It’s time of the year when you want to do up your home to perfection. Yes, it’s Diwali time, when we go that extra mile to clean-up and illuminate our space. But, with too much on our platter, there is a mad scramble in the house. Maybe, it’s the same story every year, how much ever you pre-plan. We understand your situation and share easy tips that will help you beautify your home, easily and quickly.

1. Change the Curtains: Give a quick clean-up to the windows and add new curtains. They will instantly lift the look of the room. And as it is Diwali time go for bright and bold window curtainsbed pillow covers, which will definitely do wonders to your home. You can try contrasting curtains, which can accentuate your home post-Diwali, as well. Alternatively, explore curtains in antique colors and prints, which can infuse an ethnic tint in your home. 2. Simply Accessorize: Along with changing the curtains, you can also accessorize them to add to the appeal factor. Maybe, try a tieback or curtain valance. Yes, these timeless accessories are the easiest ways of enhancing the grace of your new curtains. Valance, in fact, goes equally well on a window without a curtain. So, try adding only a valance to passage window and when it comes to theliving room you can add it with the curtains for that royal effect. Likewise, go for a tieback treatment for your living room and bedroom curtains. Coming in different finishing and texture, they definitely add to the wow factor. 3. Throw Cushions: Effortless and easy, use throw cushions to give a makeover to your sofa, accent chair, and rugs. Depending upon the cushion cover design and color, it can brighten up your living room and bedroom. You can organize and put them on the sofa, and scatter in the bedroom for that chic, casual feel. Along with glamourizing a space, they also have that inviting and comfy feel to them, which makes them a perfect additiontoevery home.

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4. New Bedding Sets: With a comfortable and classy bed, you need an exclusive bedding set. It beautifies the room and gives it a finishing touch. And when it is Diwali time, new bedding sets are a must explore to give a refreshing feel to the room. Go for ethnic prints and colors that will get your room, Diwali ready. Check moss, ivory and grey bedding sets, which will add to that festive ambience.

Use these handy tips to get your home Diwali ready, just on time. You simply need to scan through the options and brighten-up your space with these furnishings and accessories. A gorgeously done-up home is definitely a treat to the eyes, more so during the Diwali season. You can get all these accessories and furnishings from one place i.e. Deco window. We have a fantabulous festive range of curtain accessories online, cushions, curtains, valance, and bedding sets. Browse through all the options at decowindow.in and have it home delivered right before Diwali. Let’s spruce your home and make it truly beautiful, this Diwali.

Wishing you all A Very Happy &; Prosperous Diwali!

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