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bed pillow covers Tips to Using Metallics in Your Bedroom funny cushion covers

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bed pillow covers Tips to Using Metallics in Your Bedroom funny cushion covers
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Whether you choose gold, bronze, silver or copper, metallic accents can make your bedroom more luxurious and brighter. You can use it in wall covering, beddingbed pillow covers, accents or even curtains. New metallic fabric, wallpaper and beautiful accent pieces can add a chic sparkle to any room in the house, but feels particularly sinfully extravagant when you use it for your own room.

Of course, many of the accent pieces don't have to cost a fortune. In fact, they may be just the sparkle to brighten up a room without breaking your budget. For those with a love for the modern look, mixing white, black, grey and silver can create quite a stunning look. For the more subdued appearance, keep the black to a minimum or eliminate it.

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You'll find the chic appearance of a subtle grey against a white background delightfully accented with pillows and bedding that have a monochromatic metallic appearance create a stunning but demure look. To make a bolder statement, mix in black lacquer furniture or use black curtain poles with silver curtains. If you want a warmer look, nothing beats gold to attain that appearance. Gold not only creates a warmer look and can fit into almost any décor.

You'll find it works well in the bedroom when mixed with brown tones, beige or white. If you want modern, consider brown and cream with plenty of geometric designs in both furnishings and accents. Gold curtains, accent pillows and comforter can create a formal look in your bedroom or one of lavish elegance. To change the entire look of the room, use wallpaper with gold design and pull the metallic colour into the rest of the room with accents.

Bronze also adds amazing pizazz to any master bedroom or guest room. Blend the rich tones of bronze with wood and deep brown. You can use several shades of bronze throughout the room for a rich traditional appearance and bronze leaf night-stands and dressers in lighter bronze tones with deep rich bronze curtains. Use soft creamy white as an accent to make the room brighter but still austere. Copper is also quite suitable for use with many different decorating styles.

For those who love an ultra modern appearance, geometric copper wall covering will define your style immediately. If you want a more traditional look, consider copper duvet sets mixed with light brown and warm rich maroon. Copper can help you achieve a Tuscan design and looks elegant when accented with sky blue or turquoise.

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