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bed pillow covers personalised outdoor cushion covers How To Make Your Beloved Bedding Last

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bed pillow covers
bed pillow covers personalised outdoor cushion covers How To Make Your Beloved Bedding Last
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Creating a beautiful bed alone can be a costly affair, as you’;ve probably noticed from poring over sheets, shams, throw pillows and?duvet covers?at you imagine will totally transform your room into the ultimate sleep sanctuary. That saidbed pillow covers, when you do decide to invest in a statement piece like a dynamic duvet cover, you’;ll want to make sure you can get plenty of mileage out of the damned thing.

So what exactly does that entail? Well, first let’;s talk about your least favorite topic, laundry. Think of a duvet cover as a giant pillow case; you can slip it off and—depending on the fabric it’;s made of—toss it in the washing machine with like colors, which makes it pretty easy to take care of. Be sure to check the tag for washing instructions, and launder accordingly. A good rule of thumb when in doubt is is to wash on a gentle cycle using cool water—which will also prevent colors from bleeding or fading. If the tag suggests hanging to dry, as opposed to tumble drying, you might want to iron or steam afterwards to eliminate wrinkles and crinkles.

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As for frequency of washing, that answer depends on whether or not you sleep with a sheet between your bod and your duvet. If not (meaning your skin makes direct contact with the cover), launder as often as you would your sheets—which is at least once every two weeks, if you didn’;t know already. If you do sleep with a sheet in between, you can extend the time between washes to a month.

personalised outdoor cushion covers

My 20 month old is starting to recognize letters (pointing to them when named), so I thought it was high time I put his name up in his room. ?Choosing a child’s name is something most of us mull over for months. ?We want something original and meaningful. ?After all that pondering I think it is normal to want to celebrate and display the chosen name.

This will be my first time participating in the ORC, and I have decided to tackle our dining room. It is at the heart of our home, and it being unfinished is a real burden. We host dinners at least once a week, and since the weather has cooled down, we have resorted to eating by candlelight because there isn't a light fixture in the room. Our "romantic candlelit dinners" with friends have turned into anticipated gatherings, and honestly, I think I will still insist on lighting heaps of candles once the space is done. I will however, be very grateful for a working light fixture and something other than stark white walls.

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