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pillow cases home decor August – October 2017 Paint Colors funny cushion covers

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customized gift for mom
pillow cases home decor
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pillow cases home decor August – October 2017 Paint Colors funny cushion covers
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Because we shoot in real homes, we are not always at liberty to paint the walls. In those cases, we have chosenpaint colors that best match the wall color in the photo. Please be aware that color may vary due to various light conditionspillow cases home decor, finish and other factors. Therefore, it’s always a great idea to test a paint sample on your wall first.

This rich, mossy green looks fantastic with nearly any neutral. We chose it for it’;s earthiness and because it works with both chartreuse and emerald.

canvas throw pillow covers

A true cream adds a little warmth to your room, while still giving you a fresh and airy backdrop for art and accessories.

Dark walls have a certain drama about them. We love using them with ladylike pieces (think florals and blush) for an unexpected twist.

A light grey goes with nearly any decor. It balances both warm and cool colors and adds a subtle backdrop to your space.

Balance Warm tones with a gray paint color. We chose this one because it’;s a true gray, no warm undertones.

An icy blue sets a sooting tone for your space, perfect for bedrooms and offices.

Find our best tips on choosing paint colors, or browsepaint colors from past catalogsordecorating inspiration by visitingour Pinterest boards.

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