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?For the average consumer, the hunt for the perfect sleeping bag among countless competitors proves quite difficult. Finding the perfect sleeping bag on a budget may prove more challenging still.

Shape, insulation, quality design, and durable construction are likely among your primary considerations. Fortunately, campers don’t need to sacrifice any of these features even if you’re on a budget.

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The array of expertly designed budget-friendly bags available means that your perfect sleeping bag is out there—and likely at a price range of under $100. We‘ve done the research to bring you our picks for the top 13 sleeping bags available for 2019.

Check out our informative guide for the best budget-friendly sleeping bags for:

As well as the lowdown on key features to look for during your final selection process. Read on to discover thetop 13 budget-friendly sleeping bags for 2019.

The Sleepingo Double Sleeping bag makes our list at number one as one of the most versatile performers out there in the budget-friendly range. The Sleepingo functions as a double sleeping bag for two that detaches into individual sleeping bags if desired.

We appreciate the Sleepingo for its silky outer shell, yet warm and water-resistant interior. In addition to making our list as a top choice for budget-friendly sleeping bags, the Sleepingo is among our top picks as a cold weather performer with a temperature rating of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

In contrast to mummy style sleeping bags intended for use in near-freezing temperatures, the Sleepingo features a spacious rectangular shape that is roomy enough for two. Overall, campers in search of a high performance, all-star rounded sleeping bag that exceeds expectations in comfort, warmth, and design will appreciate the Sleepingo double sleeping bag.

Temperature Rating: 32 degrees Fahrenheit

Kelty makes our list with another highly versatile option for campers, hikers, and backpackers alike: the Tuck 22 degree sleeping bag. The Kelty Tuck efficiently performs year round, due to its high-quality design and insulation.

Kelty uses specialized Thermapro insulation to offer protection from the elements in below freezing temps and a breathable, comfortable sleeping experience on summer and Fall nights.

When it comes to insulation, many campers find that while down feathers offer the warmest experience possible, synthetic fillers like Kelty’s Thermapro offer greater accommodation year round.

Temperature Rating: 22 degrees Fahrenheit

The Coleman North Rim Cold Weather sleeping bag is the ideal choice for campers in search of comfort, durability, and performance on a budget. The North Rim features durable polyester construction for both its outer shell and inner lining, a cozy alternative to down feather insulation.

Its double foam quilted insulation helps to prevent cold spots, making the North Rim a comfortable option in freezing and sub-freezing temperatures. For added comfort, the North Rim offers a double padded hood, along with a foot box for more natural movement and ventilation.

This bag can also be easily ventilated with its double zipper system, allowing for easy accommodation for warm Spring and Summer temps.

Due to the North Rim's substantial weight, we recommend this sleeping bag for tent and motorcycle camping, rather than backpacking and hiking excursions.

Temperature Rating: 0 degrees Fahrenheit

Coleman makes our list with another top performer in sub-freezing temperatures: the Big Basin Extreme Weather 15 sleeping bag.

Like similar options from Colemanpillow cases home decor, this bags offers heavy duty protection from the elements at a budget-friendly price. The Big Basin stands out for its big and tall design, comfortably accommodating sleepers up to six feet two inches tall. It also features a wide bottom design for maximum movement of legs and feet.

The Big Basin 15 performs equally well in sub-freezing temperatures as it does on hot summer nights, ranking it among the most versatile options to make our list.This versatility is in part due to the Big Basin's zip away design, allowing for quick and comfortable ventilation on warm nights while functioning as a heat retaining design feature in extreme cold.

We also love the Big Basin for its durable construction, featuring a ripstop outer shell and polyester liner that stand up to the elements exceptionally well for a cold weather sleeping bag in its price range.

Although the Big Basin is easily transportable, it weighs in at a solid five pounds, ruling it out as a lightweight option for hikers and backpackers. We recommend the Coleman Big Basin 15 sleeping bag for campers in search of a versatile bag on a budget.

Temperature Rating: 15 degrees Fahrenheit

The Slumberjack Latitude Zero Degree sleeping bag is another great option for hikers, due to its lightweight construction. Where the Latitude Zero Degree stands out among similar lightweight competitors is in its exceptionally durable construction.

The degree of durability noted with the Latitude Zero is in part due to its unique two layers design. Latitude Zero Degree's two-layer design allows for quick ventilation in summer temps while retaining warmth on cold winter nights. This design also helps to reduce wear, extending the life of the bag far beyond similar competitors.

For added comfort, the Latitude Zero Degree's flip over hood also aids in heat retention and all around support. For maximum movement, the Zero Degree’s foot box is designed with a unique trapezoidal construction, allowing for natural placement of the feet without restriction.

Overall, the Latitude Zero Degree offers exceptional performance in both comfort and durability in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature Rating: 0 degrees Fahrenheit

The Teton Sports Tracker 5 makes our list as another high performer in terms of durability, weight, and performance in sub-freezing temperatures. A balanced, all around top performing sleeping bag that exceeds performance criteria on a budget can be hard to find.

The Teton Sports Tracker is among several budget-friendly options on our top thirteen list that performs in both design and comfort. The Teton Sports Tracker 5 achieves its impressive status by way of expertly designed body mapping technology, as well as strategic insulation that helps to retain heat and eliminate cold spots.

In simplified terms, the unique body mapping and strategically placed insulation of the Teton 5 retains warmth in all the right areas, allowing you to sleep soundly through the night in temperatures as low as five degrees Fahrenheit.

Although the Sports Tracker is not the most lightweight design on the market, it does compress to an impressively small size for its design and price range—about the size of a large thermos or water bottle.

This tight compression allows for easy storage in most camping or hiking bags, as well as a more convenient experience for hikers and backpackers.The Sports Tracker 5's outer shell protects from the elements and water resistance, even when wet.

We rank the Sports Tracker 5 among top performers for both comfort and durability in the budget-friendly price range.

Temperature Rating: 5 degrees Fahrenheit

The Ledge Featherlite 20 offers the design features and durability of expensive extreme weather gear at a budget-friendly price.

The Ledge Featherlite combines expert design and innovation to offer a high performing, weather resistant cold weather sleeping bag that is a favorite among both beginners and experienced campers alike.

As the Ledge Featherlite weighs in at under five pounds, it falls into the ultra-lightweight category, making this another option for hikers and backpackers.Along with its lightweight design, the Featherlite 20 features expert compression and stows away to an ultra-compact size that is easy to carry in most camping and hiking bags.

For hikers and backpackers, the Featherlite’s ultra-small compression and light weight rank it among few competitors in the same price range. The Featherlite’s ultra-compact mummy style aids in retaining warmth from body heat, along with contributing to its ultra-lightweight design.

While this bag is an excellent performer where warmth and survival are concerned, it won’t comfortably accommodate more than one sleeper. We recommend the Ledge Featherlite as a cold weather, single person sleeping bag.

Temperature Rating: 20 degrees Fahrenheit

The Alps Mountaineering Crescent Lake Zero Degree sleeping bag offers maximum warmth and insulation in extreme weather with the aid of its Techloft insulation and unique eight zipper mummy design. To be clear, the Crescent Lake is not the ideal sleeping bag for hikers and backpackers.

Due to its substantial weight of over five pounds, we recommend the Crescent Lake as an extreme weather sleeping bag for campers who are not in search of an ultra-lightweight option.

While not the ideal lightweight sleeping bag, the Crescent Lake can compress to a reduced size with its included compression bag for campers who prefer to use it on hiking trips. While not the most lightweight option available, the Crescent Lake’s two-layer design adds to its extreme warmth and high performance in temperatures as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit.

The Zero Degree’s contoured hood and mummy shape work in conjunction with its two-layer design and zipper baffle to keep sleepers warm in sub-freezing temperatures.

To maximize comfort, warmth, and overall experience, the Zero Degree is available in a range of sizes to accommodate adults, children, and a variety of body shapes. The Crescent Lake comes in tall, wide, and regular sizes to maximize your experience and tailor the Zero Degree's expert construction to your body.

We recommend the Crescent Lake Zero Degree for campers in search of a simple, two-layer sleeping bag that outperforms competitors in the same price range at withstanding extreme weather conditions.

Temperature Rating: 0 degrees Fahrenheit

The Wenzel Grande is a minimalistic sleeping bag designed for warm climates and summer night camping adventures. The Wenzel features exceptionally durable construction and comfort and is ideally suited to car and RV camping.

While not a lightweight choice for most campers, the Wenzel Grande is a versatile option that seamlessly converts into a blanket. It can also be zipped together with another Wenzel Grande to form one ultra large, cozy bag for two.

The Wenzel's two-way zipper allows for natural ventilation and movement, ideal for exceptionally humid nights or sleeping in tropical climates.

To be sure, the Wenzel Grande is not ideally suited for use in cold or extreme weather conditions but can accommodate sleepers in sub-freezing overnight temperatures if necessary.

Temperature Rating: 20 degrees Fahrenheit

Another option ideally suited to warm weather, Coleman makes our list once again with the Green Valley 30 Degree sleeping bag. Like the Wenzel Grande, the Coleman 30 Degree features maximum comfort for three season camping in cars, RVs, tents, or as an excellent makeshift bed for sleepovers.

When compared to similar budget friendly warm weather options, the Green Valley provides more insulation and padding than do sleeping bags designed for use in warm or desert climates.

With its quilted, Fiberlock insulation, the Green Valley performs best at temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. For easy ventilation, the Green Valley features a two-way zipper design.

When not in use, the bag easily stows away with the pull of a drawstring, easily stored in closets or the trunk of your car until your next camping excursion.

Temperature Rating: 30 degrees Fahrenheit

The Teton Sports Celsius is a unique option for extreme winter temperatures that offers the freedom and comfort of a rectangular bag with a contoured mummy hood for maximum protection from the elements.

Two separate, individual layers provide the Celsius's insulation, and each has a distinct function—an outer shell composed of weather resistant taffeta and an inner layer constructed from cozy flannel for maximum warmth.

To further maximize warmth, the Celsius features adjustable zipper and shoulder baffles, to keep air from entering or escaping the bag and fully eliminate cold spots. The two way (left and right) zipper design also allows for two sleeping bags to zip together into one, larger bag for two.

Although not the most lightweight option to make our list, the Teton Celsius comes in at a weight of around five pounds and can be compressed within its included carrying sack.

We recommend the Teton Sports Celsius to campers in search of features most often found on more expensive outdoor extreme weather gear at a low price of around $50.

Temperature Rating: 0 degrees Fahrenheit

The Farland Envelope Mummy sleeping bag features two-layer construction to keep sleepers comfortable in and protected from extreme weather conditions.

Made from weather resistant, durable polyester, the Farland's outer shell is both tough against the elements and waterproof to further protect campers from freezing temperatures and damp winter weather conditions. At its midrange size, the Farland accommodates both children and adults comfortably.

With its left and right, two zipper design, the Farland Envelope Mummy can be zipped into one giant sleeping bag to accommodate two or more campers.The bag also unzips into a comfortable quilted blanket.

At a weight of about four pounds, the Farland is a lightweight sleeping bag that easily compresses into its included sack. We recommend the Farland Envelope Mummy sleeping bag for adults and families in search of an extreme weather bag on a budget.

Temperature Rating: 20 degrees Fahrenheit

Customer Rating: 4 stars

Wrapping up our list is a unique sleeping bag from a company that exceeds expectations: the Abco Tech Envelope Mummy sleeping bag.

First and foremost, the Abco Tech Envelope Mummy is not just another budget-friendly mummy style sleeping bag, although it is a favorite among campers on a budget. This bag features a truly innovative, spacious design that provides the warmth and protection of mummy shaped sleeping bags while allowing for movement and comfort with its roomy design.

The Abco Tech Envelope Mummy is a lightweight, easily compressed sleeping bag that is ideal for campers, hikers, and trekkers alike.In spite of its light weight, the Abco Tech features durable construction from breathable materials that offer maximum protection from the elements.

Perhaps most importantly, the Envelope Mummy from Abco Tech is fully waterproof—not just water resistant.

Dampness from rain, snow, and sleet will not penetrate the Abco Tech, maximizing protection from freezing temperatures and providing the highest degree of warmth possible from a sleeping bag with its temperature rating.

For added versatility, the Abco Tech zips away into a sizeable quilted blanket or can be joined together with another bag for a cozy Envelope Mummy for two.

The bag’s resistant, durable shell and lining retain shape and function even after heavy use and machine washing. The Abco Tech’s durable polyester is also suited to campers with sensitive skin and allergies due to its non-irritating, smooth construction.

We recommended the Abco Tech Envelope Mummy to a range of campers looking for an innovative sleeping that delivers on design and function. The Abco Tech Envelope Mummy is suited to campers, hikers, trekkers, adults, and children.

Temperature Rating: 20 degrees Fahrenheit

Research is important to us—that's why we examine the products and services included within our guides by speaking with customer service representatives, scouring the web for authentic customer testimonials, and even trying a few of the products out ourselves before providing you with our ultimate verdict.

Our top ten lists are compiled with a critical eye, based on the most frequently reviewed products available, then scrutinized by our team of research experts to meet our accuracy standards.

image source:pexels

Now that we’ve shared our picks for the top thirteen budget friendly sleeping bags on the market, let’s discuss the criteria that went into our selection process to give you a better idea of what features to look for in a sleeping bag under $100.

When discussing ‘budget’ sleeping bags, options may range between $?-$?$$.

It's important to keep in mind that a budget-friendly sleeping bag should still meet the criteria of more expensive alternatives, at a lower price point.

The products that made it onto our list feature durable construction, comfortable design, and protection from the elements.

Look for budget options from trusted and top-rated brands like Coleman, Teton Sports, Alps Mountaineering, and other trusted brands from our list.

A budget-friendly sleeping bag should not sacrifice on:

Although the concept is broad, comfort is key where any sleeping bag is concerned. The choices that have made our list provide comfort by way of quilted double layer design, innovative materials, and soft to the touch liners. Look for sleeping bags with quilted outer shells and flannel liners.

gif source:giphy

Sleeping bags are generally available in mummy, envelope, rectangular, or semi-rectangular shapes.

While mummy shaped sleeping bags are most often suited to extremely frigid temperatures, some variation on the mummy shape is beneficial for added movement and comfort.

Look for sleeping bags that feature innovative takes on design, like Abco Tech’s Envelope Mummy shaped sleeper. Increased width in the right places allows for increased movement over constrictive mummy designs. For camping in warmer climates, rectangular and semi-rectangular sleeping bags are the ideal choice.

Look for a rectangular option with simple ventilation and two-way zippers for the most comfortable experience possible in temperate or tropical conditions.

image source:unsplash

The most durable sleeping bags feature quality materials and expert design technology, like Thermapro and Fiberlock insulation. Durability is also an import purchase aspect for zippers, pockets, and seams.

Look for bags with metal zippers and double stitched seams to ensure that your purchase will withstand wear and machine washing.

Where budget friendly sleeping bags are concerned, the type of insulation that you will most frequently encounter is synthetic materials. Generally speaking, insulation is available in the of synthetic material including polyester and rayon, or down feathers from geese and other birds.

In terms of performance, weather resistance, and protection from the elements; neither category of insulation is the absolute top performer. While down feathers easily provide warmth and protection from frigid temperatures with less filling, synthetic alternatives can achieve the same level of insulation with the right design and construction.

In addition, campers with sensitive skin and allergies may react to down feathers, making synthetic alternatives the ideal option for some. Sleeping bags made from synthetic insulation materials like polyester are also suited to wet climates, as they do not absorb moisture from the air or surrounding environment.

In contrast, bags made from down feathers weigh less and are more easily compressed. For the most lightweight and ultra compressible sleeping bag available, down feather insulation is the ideal choice.

image source:pixabay

Water resistance, weather resistance, and waterproofing are individual design criteria that are equally important when shopping for the perfect budget-friendly sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags are available with shells and liners that are either waterproof or water-resistant, and it's important to note that these two terms do not have the same meaning. Look for a waterproof sleeping bag with an outer shell constructed from ripstop nylon or polyester. These materials offer the ultimate waterproofing and resistance from the elements.

Where budget friendly sleeping bags are concerned, temperature rating should serve only as a general guideline.

It is because temperature ratings vary by manufacturer, and it’s important to note that temperature ratings are distinct fromsurvivaland EN ratings standardized by government protocols. It’s helpful to instead think of temperature rating ascomfort ratings.

In other words, think of temperature rating as the lowest temperature in which you can sleep comfortably, then add a buffer of ten or fifteen degrees to that number.

If you plan on camping in temperatures that may fall below thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit overnight, look for a sleeping bag of twenty degrees Fahrenheit to accommodate the discrepancy between manufacturers.

gif source:giphy

Once equipped with the appropriate knowledge, choosing the right sleeping bag to meet your requirements on a budget is a breeze.It pays to perform a little consumer and brand research before making your decision to get the most out of a budget-friendly sleeping bag.

For a refresher on the key features and designs that you should be on the lookout for, refer to our informative top thirteen list and buyer’s guide at any time during your selection process.

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