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pillow cases home decor Bringing the past into a modern home funny cushion covers

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pillow cases home decor
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pillow cases home decor Bringing the past into a modern home funny cushion covers
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Fancy bringing a touch of the past into your home? No matter what your interior style, whether you prefer to keep things minimal or enjoy that shabby chic look, there's always a way to tastefully evoke a hint of decades gone by.

While there are some trends that should never resurface - avocado bathrooms and inflatable furniture, we're looking at you - combining elements of the 60s or 70s, for example, into a modern space is an easy way to add character. Stand out, create a quirky contrast and don't be afraid to channel a hint of retro décor into your home - just follow our top tips!

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When you think of the 1950s, neon signs, bright pastel shadespillow cases home decor, fun fabrics and patterned flooring all come to mind. And while completely transforming your kitchen into an American diner might be a step too far, picking two to three key elements of the decade can help any homeowner to bring the 50s back.

Pastel pink, mint green, pale yellow and baby blue were key colours for the decade, and you'd often find them in kitchens of bathrooms. Be bold and switch up your bathroom tiles, opt for a colourful sink or choose vibrant new kitchen surfaces. Not ready for such a big change? Invest in playful appliances - like a matching pastel pink toaster and kettle - and experiment with fabrics: switch up your cushions, towels or seat covers and go for pretty florals, animal prints or science-inspired prints like stars.

As for furniture, look for pieces inspired by Eero Saarien. A fine example is the iconic Tulip chair - you'll find plenty of replicas in stores today and they're ideal kitchen bar stools.

If you take a look at Andy Warhol or David Hockney's work, you'll instantly get a feel for the 60s. Psychedelic patterns could be found everywhere and deliberately clashing colours like orange and pink was in vogue.

How can you echo the 60s into your home the right way? Focus colour into select pieces. Pick up vibrant side tables or drawers, choose a quirky lime green chair to be the focal point of your living room or add bright geometric cushions to a neutral sofa. Try painting bamboo or wicker baskets in bright shades too and never underestimate the comfort of a beanbag chair.

Still missing something that screams the 60s? A lava lamp is sure to bring back some memories.

The 70s focused on contrasting textures, splashes of colour, earthy tones and woven wall hangings. Currently going through a resurgence in popularity, you won't have to look far for décor inspired by this decade.

Daring colour combinations were left in the 60s. The 70s was all about mustard yellow, soft browns, warm golds and opulent jewel tones. As for textures, reach for velvet cushions or seating, woven throws and wooden furniture and flooring.

Quick 70s décor ideas? Trying macramé wall hangings, hanging planters and colourful glassware.

While Artex, the term given to the stippled and swirled ceiling trend of the 80s, will never make a return, the decade did offer the world a few interior gems. For one, the 80s was unapologetically experimental - designers in the 80s didn't shy away from colour.

Be inspired by Memphis Milano, the Italian design and architecture group, that took the 80s by storm. Influenced by pop art, opt for shelving and furniture with geometric shapes and lean towards primary colours to help a monochrome room pop.

Browse second-hand shops and auctions for zany, one-of-a-kind ceramics too for an authentic 80s look.

Turn back time 20 years, and you'll find yourself in the 90s. Things in the design world looked very different from the gaudy 80s, with pastel hues and all-white kitchens dominating homes across the country.

You might want to leave the skirted tables and overly floral wallpaper behind, but don't be shy to embrace some of the best 90s trend. Add hints of brass, wicker and gingham to your kitchen to replicate the well-loved country farmhouse style and bring back hunter green is a more muted fashion by adding hints of colour through carpets, cabinets or appliances.

Looking for high-quality cushions, rugs, throws and more to incorporate your favourite decade into your home? Browse the wide selection at Terry's Fabrics - there's something for everyone, no matter what your style.

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