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pillow cases home decor DIY Baby Sandals (for boys & girls) customized baby gifts

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customized gift for mom
pillow cases home decor
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pillow cases home decor DIY Baby Sandals (for boys & girls) customized baby gifts
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I can’;t believe how fast Oliver is growing.? He turned 2 months old on Sunday…;…;.and I’;m not really okay with that.? I know he has to grow and can’;t stay little and absolutely helpless forever —; but gah, the sweetness of these newborn moments are so doggone fleeting.? Not fair.

Alas, this kiddo is growing.? And while pulling out some hand-me-downs from when Connor (who’;s now 6) was a baby, I saw some little brown sandals that I made a few years ago when Chloe (who’;s now 3) was a baby. I made them right after I made her a really fun pair of Leather Bow Sandals.? Anyone remember these?!!

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Oh gosh…;.I loved those little sandals.? They turned out so cutepillow cases home decor, looked adorable on Chloe, and cost next to nothing to make.? So, at the time, I wanted to try making some sort of sandal version for a boy.? That’;s when I came up with these little woven top sandals (that could really be used by a boy or a girl) and fell in love with them.? I had Chloe model them back in the day…;…;but then saved them.? Just in case.?

Well, that “;just in case”; is now.? And Oliver gets to wear these little handmade sandals.? They are still a little big and have some room for growth…;..but they stay on his feet well enough.? And oooooh, I kinda love them!

They are super soft and flexible (yet thick enough to hold their shape) and have a little strap of elastic around the back, that helps keep them on.

There’;s at least another month or two of warm-ish weather here in Colorado, so I’;m getting all the use out of them that I can.? (Oliver still curls his little toes so he really isn’;t filling out the toe area of these sandals.? But he will eventually.)

What’;s great about these little sandals is that you only need a tiny bit of leather (or faux leather) to make them.? So, you could cut up an old purse, a leather jacket, a clutch, etc.? Just think of how cute this would be in like a sparkly gold or pink for a little girl!?

Teeny tiny versions of things are so darn cute…;…;and extra fun to make!? So this would be perfect for that friend/neighbor/sister who’;s having a little boy.? (Or already has a one.)? But yeah, these would be fun for the girls too!

So glad I hung onto this pair.? I’;m seriously loving them for my sweet Oliver!

Want to make some too?

Check out my Baby Boy Sandal tutorial HERE and whip up a quick pair or two!

And have fun while you’;re at it!


. . . . .

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