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pillow cases home decor
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pillow cases home decor Easy Faux Metal Buckle Hair Bow pillow case baby
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Today’s contributor is Lisa?from Grey Luster Girl. All posts written by Lisa for Make It &; Love It can be found?HERE.

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Hello everybody! Lisa from Grey Luster Girl here again to share this easy faux metal buckle hair bow. The inspiration behind this faux metal buckle hair bow came purely out of laziness. ?The result is an ensuing craft that probably takes longer to make than the task that the laziness was trying to avoid but it does make a new craft! ?It all started a few months ago when I wanted to make a hair bow for my daughter. ?I had seen a picture of a hair bow with a gorgeous vintage metal buckle. ?Here is where the laziness part comes in. ?I didn’;t have a metal buckle and throwing 4 kids in the car to trek out to the store for one little meezly buckle was too insurmountable a thought. ?What if I got to the store and they didn’;t have any buckles? What if they didn’;t have any I liked? Even the thought of the trip was crushing. ?I could just make a metal buckle! Totally a good idea and it did turn out to be pretty cool.

This easy faux metal buckle hair bow is made out of craft foam. ?Does it look like metal? Uhhh, hammered metal maybe. ?It may not totally look like metal but the properties of the foam make it really good to work with for a hair bow.

I made another round of these fun little DIY hair bows for my daughter’;s 4th of July outfit. ?The star fabric is from JoAnn’;s.

Here is the cool thing about making this faux metal buckle out of craft foam, it can be interchangeable with different headbands or hair clips! No need to permanently attach it! The headband or hair clip just slides right on!

My youngest daughter prefers a hair clip while my oldest daughters go for headbands. ?This way everyone gets to share.

Looking for a cute &; easy hair bow? Here is how to make my faux metal buckle hair bow:


You can make your buckle any size you want. ?I made mine 1 1/4 inch x 1 inch.

Cut out your buckle on paper and put that on top of your craft foam as a template. ?Cut out your craft foam buckle with the Exacto knife.

Now we are going to add the “;metal finish”;. ?Start by painting your craft foam. ?Pick a paint that is close to the color of your embossing powder, if possible.

While the paint is still wetpillow cases home decor, pour your embossing powder onto the buckle.

Use a heat gun on the buckle. ?I held my buckle with some tweezers so that I wouldn’;t get burned. ?You can’;t have the heat gun on it for too long or your craft foam will start to melt and shrink. ?Once you are done, you are left with this hammered metal look.

Now to make the fabric portion of the bow. ?I went with a 6″;x 5″; piece of fabric. ?Fold that in half so that you have a 3″; x 5″; piece of fabric. ?Sew the edges leaving a small opening in the middle of the long side so that you can flip the bow right side?out. ?My laziness won out again and I just surged my bow. ?You know, so I didn’;t have to backstitch on the sewing machine. Backstitching is super time consuming. ?Man, I am a lazy crafter!

Flip the fabric right side?out. ?I don’;t even bother to finish sewing up the hole that we just flipped the fabric out of. ?It can’;t be seen once the bow is inside the buckle. ?Once again, laziness.

Now put your fabric through your faux metal buckle like so. ?

Now you have a cute faux metal buckle hair bow and you didn’;t even have to leave the house!

Grab a clip or a headband and you are good to go!

This red bow is the perfect addition to the 4th of July dress I sewed for my baby this year.

But if I decide to go with the matching star bow in the end, it will be an easy change-out.

See what I am talking about people?! See what laziness brings you? Ha ha –; let’;s not go there. ?But you should go and make this hair bow, and you should also visit me at my blog greylustergirl.com to find some more cute hair bows and crafts!


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Creating your own hair accessories not only saves you some money, but it gives you and your girls a fabulously unique piece that will set them apart from the mass produced items out there. Sweet! Here are a few more tutorials of hair accessories that you can have whipped up in no time:

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Once we moved to Oklahoma (almost a year ago–wow!)……I quickly started to realize that not everything fit into this house the same way as our last house.? The rooms are different, the layout is different, and even my style is a bit different.? Once we started putting the kitchen stuff away, I realized that the kitchen nook wasn’t going to hold our old rectangle kitchen table the same way as our last house.? Which, I was completely okay with, because the table was in pretty rough shape and had pretty large gauges and scratches from moving with it twice.? It was a very inexpensive table anyway….and it was time for a change.

Today’s contributor is Tara from Suburble. All posts written by Tara for Make It & Love It can be found HERE.

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