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pillow cases home decor Handmade Hanukkah- Crochet Yarmulke! customized gifts for mom

customized gift for mom
customized gift for mom
pillow cases home decor
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pillow cases home decor Handmade Hanukkah- Crochet Yarmulke! customized gifts for mom
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This is my husband Carleton Curtis modeling a double crochet yarmulke for your crafty Hanukkah pleasure.I tried to write a pattern for you for this one, it’;s my first so I apologize if it’;s not great. Get the crochet yarmulke pattern after the jump…;This Double Crochet Yarmulke Pattern is done in rounds, so mark your first stitch of each each round with a different color yarn or a marker so you don’;t forget where you started.

Ch = ChainHDC = Half Double CrochetDC = Double Crochet

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Chain 5, slipstitch into first stitch to join in ringRound 1: HDC 8 into RingRound 2: 2 DC into each stitchRound 3: * 2 DC into next stitchpillow cases home decor, 1 DC into next stitch, repeat from *Round 4: * 1 DC into next two stitches, 2 DC into next stitch, repeat from *Round 5 &; 6: * 1 DC in next three stitches, 2 DC into next stitch, repeat from *Round 7: Switch Colors * 1 DC in next three stitches, 2 DC into next stitch, repeat from *Weave in endsGo to templeyay!

This is my first crochet pattern so I know it probably needs improving, please leave me a comment and let me know if it needs changing! And enjoy this holiday crochet craft for Handmade Hanukkah!

I’ve done it! After all these years of fearing the mess, the unpredictability, the “looking like I just left a Phish concert,” I’ve tried tie dye and I am hooked! I seriously can’t stop searching around the house for things I can dye! I even considered staying home from my Italian vacation this week, just to tie dye! No, actually I didn’t consider that at all but I AM bringing this adorable market/beach tote that I made along for the trip. Here’s how I made it with Tulip Tie Dye…

I have been a BabbaBox fan for a long time and I love it so much, I know you will too. The subscription service from?Babbaco is awesome… each month a box arrives on your doorstep brimming with all of the supplies and instruction you could possibly need to create crafts, science experiments, reading, games, and more with your kids.Each month there’s a theme that unifies all of the elements, a past favorite was “space” where we mapped the phases of the moon every night, created a planet lantern, and looked through the telescope to find constellations. The box on gratitude?was awesome. This month’s theme is “sprouting seeds”, and the box includes a seedling kit to decorate your own pot and plant in it, a Curious George gardening book, a seed sorting & planting activity, and the first craft we did, which was to create flower pens and use them to draw on included coloring sheets…And each box comes with a treat for parents, too.Umm, yes please and thank you. And the bee pollen, such a clever touch for a gardening themed box. We are giving away a?BabbaBox, so find how to enter (and get an exclusive discount code just for Prudent Mamas) after the jump…

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