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pillow cases home decor Organic Trade Association Pop-Up in NYC pillow cases solid

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customized gift for mom
pillow cases home decor
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pillow cases home decor Organic Trade Association Pop-Up in NYC pillow cases solid
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The Organic Trade Association hosted a #LiveOrganic Pop Up market in NYC this weekend (May 5 6) to bring awareness to organic farming, connect organic businesses and share new initiatives from brands focusing on farm to marketplace. We headed to NYC to be a part of this inspiring event. Here is a breakdown of the OTA &; Coyuchi mission.

What Organic Means-

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The Organic Textile Connection-

Why Coyuchi-

We loved connecting with everyone at the pop-up. Follow our Instagram &; Facebook to stay inspired! Check out the Fiber and Textiles section of OTA.com for extensive resources on the benefits of choosing organic textiles then head over to shop our Organic Sheet Setpillow cases home decor, for bedding you can feel good about.

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There are times when I open my closet and become completely overwhelmed by the Mount Everest of purses forming. Then, there are times when I spot a tutorial like this Pyramid Wristlet Purse from A Splendid Assemblage and I think to myself, a girl can never have too many bags. So I close the closet door, grab my metallic leather, and start to sew.

This tie only cost a dollar. ?Amazing, huh? ?:) ?I just picked out a tie that would contrast with a Stormtrooper, bought it from the dollar store, took it home and personalized it!You will need to get the idea of this project by reading the first few steps on my Machine Embroidery Instructable. ?Once you get the idea of that , this is EASY. ?Well, either way, it's easy.Imagine doing this for a wedding? ?Groomsmen gifts? ?Christmas presents? ?It's a nifty-geeky way to gift on a budget. ?Tools of the trade: ?Image, sewing machine, darning foot, super solvy and a tie!

When it comes to home décor, tablecloths are an elegant way to brighten up rooms while protecting table finishes from water stains and scratches. You can make a simple tablecloth with some careful measurements and basic stitching. Find some fabric that matches your color preference, then sew it together to create your own stylish decoration.