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pillow cases home decor
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pillow cases home decor Spring Mini Orchid Terrarium personalized housewarming gifts
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What do you do when the ground is still frozen outside, but your dying to get your hands dirty in the garden? ?Bring the garden indoors and make a spring mini orchid terrarium. ? Seen below is everything I used to put together a mini indoor spring oasis from the cold outside!

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You will need a large glass container with an opening –; to prevent condensation. ?Once you have your container, make sure you choose plants that are size appropriate for the container. ?Since fairy gardens are so popular, I found it quite easy to find miniature plants for my terrarium. ?The mini orchid was the first thing I chose and then my secondary plants were chosen to compliment the orchid.

Start with a layer of gravel for good drainage. ?I used the dark brown gravel at the base. ?Thenpillow cases home decor, I added about 1 inch of soil. ?The soil should be 1 part sand and 2 parts potting soil. ?Next, I added a layer of the lighter colored stones around the edge of the glass.

Now, it’;s time to get your hands dirty and start placing the plants inside the glass container. ?I wanted the orchid to be in the center, so I used my fingers to make a small hole in the soil and put the orchid in place. ?Don’;t worry at this point that you don’;t have enough soil. ?After you place all the plants, more soil can be added as needed. ?I kept the taller fern to the back and then just placed the other plants around the orchid with the moss and baby tears up front. ?I used one of the mini plant containers from the nursery to add soil around the plants where needed.

I placed my terrarium on a tin cake stand and used a dollar tree grapevine wreath to wrap around the base. ?Then I added some vines to wrap up and around the terrarium. ?I had a few baby angel’;s tears plant leftover and planted it in a vintage ironstone teacup and placed it under a small cloche.

I love how the terrarium turned out and here’;s hoping that I can keep it alive! ?I placed it on my library table in the living room, which sits between two windows, so it should get plenty of sun! ?For watering, I’;ll use a spray bottle to mist it every couple days. ?We’;ll see how it goes!!!

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