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pillow cases home decor Spring styling with The Design Files accent pillow case baby

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pillow cases home decor
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pillow cases home decor Spring styling with The Design Files accent pillow case baby
Views: 70 Updated: :2020-02-26

In light of the warmer weather, we’ve partnered with The Design Files to guide you towards transitioning your bedroom from winter to spring.

Get in spring cleaning mode and refresh your bedroom for the better months to come.

accent pillow case baby canvas sofa

Lucy Feagins, founder of The Design Filespillow cases home decor, shares a few of her key ideas for what spring styling means to her.

“Spring is about peeling back layers. Simplify and streamline your bedroom in spring. When the weather warms up, soften the palette.

In spring, you can’t go past a combination of soft grey and crisp white linen. Sheridan’s Abbotson range is Belgian linen, which is soft, breathable and cool.”

Watch the full film on how to style your bedroom for spring below.

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