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pillow cases home decor Tips to Give an Opulent Touch to your Bedroom floral cushion covers

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customized gift for mom
pillow cases home decor
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pillow cases home decor Tips to Give an Opulent Touch to your Bedroom floral cushion covers
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We all aspire to that ultra-luxury retreat, each time transforming the bedroom is on our mind. However, the big budget brings our big fancies to a grinding halt. But, luxury doesn’t always have to be over the top. You can always add small, luxurious touches to your home, which your family and wallet will love. Read the below bedroom design ideas and discover how you can transform your bedroom into a luxurious boudoir in an easy and affordable manner.

1. Create a Focal Point: To begin with creating a focal point in your bedroom. A focal point in a room should be one to which all eyes are drawn upon entering. If your bedroom has those big windows, then capitalize on them and make them the singular spot where all the lines in your room will converge. When it comes to the window treatmentpillow cases home decor, you can look for curtain design, which will instantly draw all the attention. Look for curtains in colour and prints that will beautifully accentuate the windows. Something that will blend well with the room dé;cor, but gather all the attention.

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2. Warm Colours is the Way to Go: If you are planning to make the window curtains the focal point, then try to infuse them in warm colour tones. It is the key to giving that opulent touch to your bedroom. Warm colours are perceived for making a space cozy and intimate. So, if you are looking for shades of grey or green, then try to opt for darker tones, instead of the pastel ones, which can give your room a full and vibrant touch.

3. Round-Up with Right Trimmings: Once you have that focal point in place, look for trimmings that will beautifully accentuate it. So, if it is that piece of curtain, which has taken center stage, then look for the tiebacks and holdbacks that will enhance its grace. You can look for rope tie back with thread baseif you want to give that luxurious effect. And when it comes to choosing the colours, you can go for a contrasting colour palette. These elements give a visual framework to space and highlight that every little detail has been taken into account.

4. Add Metallic Accessories: To give that luxurious feel to space, you will need to add some shine and for this metallic accessories will come to your aid. A lavish silver, demure bronze or decadent gold, you can choose as per your personal style and give a rich touch to your bedroom. Whether it is a metallic curtain holdback or curtain rod to hold the curtains gracefully, you can choose as per your preference and give a tasteful touch to your home.

If you have been longing to live in a castle, then infuse the above tips in your bedroom dé;cor and bring the much-coveted luxury in your home. You can get the mentioned products in this blog from Deco Window. In fact, we have also teamed up products, making it easy for you to give that classy and rich touch to your home dé;cor. You can explore one such set here and give a magnificent touch to your bedroom. After all, an average human being spends one-third of his life sleeping, so the bedroom deserves a special treatment. If you have a particular bedroom design on your mind, then you can also view a range of curtains, holdbacks, tiebacks and more at Deco Window here, and design your bedroom as one of its kinds.

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