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pillow cases home decor Tips to Infuse Vintage Décor at Home floral cushion covers

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pillow cases home decor
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pillow cases home decor Tips to Infuse Vintage Décor at Home floral cushion covers
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Vintage home dé;cor is charismatic. Always in demand, it instantly uplifts the room dé;cor and gives it a refreshing touch. Whether you want to give your home a trendy, classy or cheerful touch vintage home dé;cor can help you achieve it and much more. Moreover, infusing vintage vibes is easy. Just a few dé;cor changes and additions and you can give that retro look and feel to your home.

Here are a few tips how you can have a vintage-style home.

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1. Add the Vintage Colours: Yes, those greens and blues can add that vintage tint in your home. So, infusing such colours can do the work for you. Some punchy hues in some form of dé;cor can give that distinct retro look to your home. Bring home that green or yellow sofa cushion covers and make it focal to your living room. Back thenpillow cases home decor, colours played their own charm in giving your home the discrete makeover. Blend it well with your contemporary home dé;cor in such subtle and elusive ways.

2. The Vintage Valance: Give your windows that retro appearance with a chintz valance. You need to mainly look for window valances in multicolour and preferably with a glazed finish. Chintz are the perfect way of bringing that glorious charm and elegance to your home. You can also look for curtains with such a print. But if you like it subtle, then adding a valance can be ideal. A valance by itself adds that retro touch and when in chintz, you can expect that cheerful ambience, instantly.

3. Wood in Dé;cor: Wooden furniture is there in modern and old homes, but wooden dé;cor like wooden curtain rods can give that rustic touch to your contemporary home. How about completing that chintz curtain with a wooden curtain rod? It instantly changes the window treatment.

4. Candles, Are Evergreen: Bring those evergreen candles in your home dé;cor and treat them the way you want. Depending upon the treatment they can change the ambience of your home. So, if you are looking for infusing that rustic element then decorate those candles on wooden shelves or console table. A cluster of them will play their charm in giving your home that vintage appearance.

5. The Tiebacks Era: No not those bead ones, which will lease a contemporary touch to your home, we are referring to the traditional yarn base curtain tie backs. They will immediately uplift the appearance of your curtains. Even your contemporary curtains can enjoy that age-old touch with a simple, yarn base tieback.

6. The Period of the Mashals: Lamps are good in those contemporary set-up’s but if you want that olden day’s touch to your home, then bring the mashals. Yes, they will give that traditional feel to your home patio and gardens. Moreover, easy to maintain, garden lanterns can be the perfect way to light up your home gardens, while giving that old-style touch

By infusing dé;cor at home, you can bring about a refreshing change easily. It is not always feasible to get new furniture or wall painting changed. These are expensive affairs but when you feel like bringing about some change in your home, then try these dé;cor tips. Theme and colour base refurbishing is trendy, so bring the vintage glamour touch by just a few changes. These will be fun and easy on the pocket too. If you are planning to bring home that traditional tieback or chintz curtain, then check the range at decowindow.in. From mashals for your garden to period base wooden curtain rods, you can do these changes at your home and experience the vintage living.

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